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Router#sh ip int b | grep up
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
Router#terminal shell
Router#sh ip int b | grep up | wc -l
((              evaluate a numeric test expression          The IOS shell
[[              evaluate a logical test expression
cat             output data from a pipe or file to the terminal
compatibility   compatibility information on
control         control constructs in
cut             edit piped output
echo            echo arguments to the terminal
expressions     usage of expressions in
false           return false in while or if expressions, and set the result
fetch           return values from the configuration database
for    for loops
functions function facility
grep            search for regular expressions in piped output or files
head            print the first lines in the input
if-else if command
interface       print interfaces that match the argument
let             evaluate a numeric expression, and set the result
man             print information for builtins
more            page piped output to the terminal
nl              number the lines in the input
null            ignore the input
printf          output formatted data to the terminal
quoting quoting facility
read            read input into variables
scripting       how to script the IOS CLI
set_oper        set operational values
sleep           pause execution of the terminal
sort            sort the input
tail            print the tail of the input
true            return true in while or if expressions, and set the result
uname           print system information
variables       usage of variables in
wc              count lines, words, and chars
while           iterate while an expression is TRUE
Router#terminal no shell
Router#sh ip int b | grep up | wc -l
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.




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